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Jul 26, 2011 6:30am EDT
a special tribute on the way for brooks robinson. construction started on a bronze statue depicting him throwing a runner out. it's on the plaza between washington boulevard and russell street across from the northwest side of camden yards. both the risers and pedestal features the text of brooks robinson and his career. it will be unveiled weighing 1500 pounds of pure bronze coming october 22nd. >>> the face of baltimore is changing and until lab day every day you will see -- labor day every day you will see new walls going up. linda so is tracking the baltimore grand prix project and what it could mean for you and the morning commute. >> reporter: if you are on your way to work and have to drive through this area, this is what it means. probably slower traffic. at this time of morning, people are coming off 95 conway right there where it meets light street. and the first thing they will see is detour signs and all of this construction going on for the grand pre. this is -- grand prix. this is one of 16 grandstands built around the two mile racetrack. construction on it began last nigh
Jul 1, 2011 5:30am EDT
. authorities -- during a slumber party. a11-year-old was playing with a gun and accidently shot michael brooks. the gun was in a locked room but the 11-year-old found the key. the services will be held at 10 this morning at christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. >>> new this morning, baltimore's summer jump-start warrant initiative will start summer -- rather is going to start in the next two weeks. mayor stephanie rawlings-breaks will -- blake will make an announcement. so far, they have made 635 arrests with this. >>> carroll county sheriff's office is taking the law enforcement lead in the county. the deputies were proafl handled by state police. under the deal the sheriff office will be responsible for licensing and maintaining the property information data base and sexual president tourings. they will monitor the incidents on state and federal highways. >>> investigators will try to figure out what caused a fire in downtown bolt that -- baltimore that broke out in a garage right around dinner time. it was close to patrick's pub on pratt street. we understand there
Jul 11, 2011 6:30am EDT
on sunday. he was 78 years old. general manager stewart brooks says he was not feeling well and bell leaves behind a wife and five daughters and 20 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. there will be a viewing on wednesday at st. louis church in clarksville. and funeral will be held the next day. >>> family and friends are mourning the loss of this woman connie bass. bass was bea gaddy's daughter who passed away over the weekend. she took over the family business of caring for and fading -- feeding baltimore's poora after her mother died. she kept alive the spirit every thanksgiving and every day making sure people got what they needed. visitation will on friday from 8 in the mong until 8 at -- consider morning in the 8 at night. >>> would -- 8 in the morning and 8 at night. >>> betty ford was known for her candidness on issues leek abortion, premarital sex and equal rights. >>> now to a fire in baltimore county. investigators say the fire started at the days inn in catonsville started in a storage room. watch as we were the only station in town that got you a shot of this. firefig
Jul 19, 2011 5:30am EDT
on the backside of glen brook and it makes everything so much more convenient. my friends lives on the other side of the bridge and i have to drive 10 minutes to see him. i can walk there now. >> reporter: as you can see, they are very excited about the bridge. cost is about $6 million. and the care morny starts at 11:30 this morning right here. reporting live in reisterstown, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> sounds like christmas in july. thanks a lot. >>> tonight, you get a chance to ask the questions about the ford avenue bridge reconstruct project. there's an informational meeting. among the issues to be addressed, construction schedule recommended detour routes and access for emergency services. the meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan council offices on mchenry road. >>> news time is 5:33. lots of ideas, but still not an agreement on the federal debt ceiling. leaders from both side of the political spectrum are crafting plans to balanced the budget. work will continue throughout the week. an august 2nd deadline is looming. >> we, off you list, -- obviously, are in a rel
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4